Kat Riggins
In The Boys Club
Big Apple Blues
Manhattan Alley
Dany Franchi
Problem Child
Paul Filipowicz
Reverend Freakchild
Dial It In
Wentus Blues Band
Janiva Magness
Love is an Army
Ghost Town Blues Band
Back Stage Pass
Greg Sover
Mama Spanx
State of Groove
Hamilton Loomis
Lew Jetton & 61 South
Palestine Blues
Cassie Keenum
& Rick Randlett

Alastair Greene
Dream Train
Janiva Magness
Blue Again
Gina Sicilia
Tug Of War
Lightnin Willie
No Black No White 
Just Blues
Scott Ellison
Good Morning Midnight
John McNamara
Rollin With It
Ivor S.K
Low Society
Thornetta Davis
Honest Woman
Chris Antonik
Various Artists
International Blues Challenge # 32
Donald Ray Johnson
Bluesin' Around
Derrick Procell
Why I choose to Sing The Blues
Smokewagon Blues Band
Cigar Store
Mississippi Heat
Cab Driving Man
Holly Hyatt & Jon Burden
Shufflin' The Blues
Levee Town
Takin' and Givin
Stevie J
Craddle Robber
Ray Fuller
Long Black Train
Honeyboy Edwards and Jeff Dale
I am Gonna Tell You Something
Lew Jetton & 61 South
Isaiah B Brunt
A Moment In Time
Eddie Turner
Naked...In Your Face
Matty T Wall
Blue Skies
James Buddy Rogers
By My Side
Little Charlie
Skronky Tonk
Gus Spenos
If You Were Gold Baby
In Layman Terms
Ivor SK
Delta Pines
Janiva Magness
Love Wins Again
Tim Williams
So Low
Pinetop and Jimmy with Little Mike
Genuine Blues
Keith Stone
The Prodical Returns
Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans
That's What They Say
Stolen Hearts
Dirty Southern Soul
Deb Callahan
Sweet Soul
Dalannah and Owen
Been Around a While
Andy Poxon
Must Be Carzy!
Billy The Kid & The Regulars
I Can't Change
David Michael Miller
Same Soil
Laura Tate
I Must Be Dreaming
Josh Garrett
Honey For My Queen
Peter Novelli
St Amant Sessions
Isaiah B Brunt
Just the Way That It Goes
Balkun Brothers
Eliza Neals
Breaking and Entering
Mike Osborn
In the Dog House
Tas Cru
Keep The Money
Low Society
Can't Keep A Good
Woman Down
Brad Hatfield
For a Change
Fo Reel
Heavy Water
Howard Glazer II
Looking In The Mirror
Liz Mandeville
Heart Chicago
Etta Britt
Etta Does Delbert
Janiva Magness
Forrest McDonald
Turnaround Blues
Bad Brad and
The Fat Ctas

Take a Walk With Me
Blue Lunch
Blue Lunch Special
John Lyons
Sing Me Another Song
el Packer

I Am The Blues
Billy Thompson
Holland K Smith
JT Lauritsen
Play By The Rules
Gino Matteo
Sweet Revival
Little Mike &
The Tornadoes

Forgive Me
Brad Vickers and His Vestapolitans
Graet Day in the Morning
Big Bill Morganfield
Blues With a Mood
Mike Eldred Trio
Elvis Unleaded
Lisa Cee
My Turn
Arthur Adams
Feet Back In the Door
(Produced by Keb Mo)
Tas Cru
Tired Of Bluesmen Cryin
Joanne Shaw Taylor
Almost Always Never
Royal Southern Brotherhood
Corey Lueck and The Smoke Wagon Blues Band
"It Ain't Easy"
Sugar Blue 
"Raw Sugar Blue Live"
The 44's
Oli Brown
Head I Win Tails You Lose
Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes
Gotta Strange Feeling
JT Coldfire
Crazy Sun
Chick Willis
Let The Blues
Speak For It'self
The Mannish Boys
That Represent Man
The Mannish Boys
Live And In Demand
The Mannish Boys
Lowdown Feelin'
The Mannish Boys
Shake For Me
Bobby Jones
Comin' Back Hard
Kaye Bohler
Like a Flower
Hollywood Blue Flames
Road To Rio
Hollywood Blue Flames
Deep In America
Hollywood Blue Flames
Soul Sanctuary
The 44's
Boogie Disease
Mitch Kashmar
Nickels & Dimes
Mitch Kashmar
Wake Up & Worry
Mitch Kashmar
Live in LaBatt
Sean Costello
We Can Get Together
Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans
Traveling Fool'
J.P. Soars
More Bees With Honey
Whiteboy James and the Blues Express
Extreme Makeover
Little Red Rooster Band
Lock Up the Liquor
Big Harp George
Uptown Cool Jubilee
Kid Ramos
Old School Jubilee
John Clifton
Kris Lager
Love Songs and Life Lines Jubilee
Laurie Jane & The 45's
Midnight Jubilee
Steven Troch
Rhymes For Mellow Minds
Guitar Jack Wargo
Keeping It Real
Gus Spenos
It's Lovin' I Guarantee
Ghalia and the
Mama's Boys

Let The Demons Out
Backtrack Blues Band
Make My Home In Florida
International Blues Challenge # 33
McKee Brothers
Moon Over Montgomery
61 Ghosts
To The Edge
Andrea Marr
Davide Pannozza
Unconditional Love
Andrew JoJo Chapman
Well It's About Time
Rob Lutes
Walk In The Dark
Scottie Miller
Stay Above Water
Greg Sover
Songs of a Renegade
Jim Roberts
Beneath the Blood Moon
Joseph Veloz
Hector Anchondo
Roll The Dice
Laura Tate
Lets Just be Real
Polly O' Keary & The Rhythm Method
Black Crow Calling
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys
Never Trust The Living
Lauren Mitchell
John Weeks
Dark Angel
Stevie J
Back 2 the Blues
Reverend Freakchild
Preachin' Blues
Jeff Chaz
The Silence is Killing Me
Jack Mack & The Heart Attack
Back to the Shack
James Buddy Rogers
By My Side
Gina Sicilia
Sunset Avenue
Teresa James
Sari Schorr
A Force of Nature
Lee Delray
Brand New Man
Kat Riggins
Blues Revival
Reverend Freakchild
Illogical Optimism
Lucky Losers
In Any Town
Bill Phillippe
Big Walter
Blues For Big Walter
Jeff Chaz
Sounds like the Blues to Me
The Brothers Brown
Dusty Road
Kelly Richey
Shakedown Soul
Micke Bjorklof
& Blue Strip

Ain't Bad Yet
Mississippi BigFoot
Population Unknown
Willie May
Blues Mona
Zora Young & Little Mike and The Tornadoes
Friday Night
Kern Pratt
Broken Chains
Jay Gordon
Woodchoppers Ball
The Beat Daddys
Hoodoo That We Doo
Revered Freakchild
Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues
Lucky Losers
Winning Hand
Kern Pratt
Broken Chains
Hans Theessink
& Terry Evans

True & Blue
Greg Nagy
Ghost Town Blues Band
Hard Road To Hoe
Mike Henderson
If You Think It's Hot Here
Bill Phillippe
Jeff Chaz
No Refund Band
Current State of Blues
Peaches and Crime
Do Bad Things
George Taylor
Rain or Shine
Knickerbocker All - Stars
Open Mic at the Knick
Kaye Bohler
Handle the Curves
The Nighthawks
Planet Full Of Blues
Hard Landing
Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers
Mick Kolassa
Michissippi Mick
Mary Ann Casale
Running Out Of Time
Rick Randlett
Nothing To Do
Blues Point
Simply Blues
Pete Anderson
Birds Above Guitarland
Howard Glazer
Stepchild of the Blues
Joe Zeeman
Down On My Luck
Randy Scott
Out Of The Blue
Pam Taylor
Hot Mess
Matt Baxter and Jake Sampson
Big Papa and The TCB
Six Pack of Cool
4 Jacks
Deal With It
Linda Valori
"Days Like This"
Robert "Top" Thomas
"The Town Crier"
Big Walker
"Root Walking"
Hans Theessink and Terry Evans
Delta Time
Featuring Ry Cooder
Liz Mandeville
"Keeping The Blues Alive" - Volume One
Lightnin' Malcolm
Jumpin Jack Benny
I'll Be Alright
Tweed Funk
Love Is
Brad Hatfield
Uphill From Anywhere
Sista Monica Parker
Living in the Danger Zone
Bob Coritore & Friends
Harmonica Blues
Elvin Bishop
Red Dog Speaks
Candye Kane
Super Hero
Hans Theessink Jedermann Remixed
The Soundtrack
Arthur Adams
Stomp The Floor
Rod Piazza &
The Mighty Flyers

For The Chosen Who
Rod Piazza &
The Mighty Flyers

Rod Piazza &
The Mighty Flyers

Soul Monster
Phillip Walker
Going Back Home
Marion James
The Michael Louis Band
South New York
The Mighty Mojo Prophets
Jackie Payne / Steve Edomonson Bnad
Master of the Game
Jackie Payne / Steve Edomonson Bnad
Overnight Sensation
Seath Walker
Leap of Faith
John Long
Lost & Found
Big Shanty
Aaron Williams and The Hoodoo
The Proven Ones
Wild Again
Eliza Neals
Love Dr Love
Keeshea Pratt
Stoni Taylor
Vudou  Rivers
Wilie Jackson
Willie Jackson Blues 
Tommy Dardar
Big Daddy Gumbo
Marshall Lawrence
Feeling Fine
Lex Grey
Usual Suspects
Johnny Fink Band
Jim Shaneberger
Above and Below
Popa Chubby
Two Dogs
Chickenbone Slim
The Big Beat
Trevor Sewell
Calling Nashville
Jack Tempchin
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Joel DaSilva
Everywhere from Here
Leonard Griffie
Better Late Than No Time Soon
Mick Kolassa & Mark Telesca
You Cant do That
Johnny Ray Jones
Feet Back in the Door
Willa Vincitore
Better Days
Mr Sipp
Knock a Hole in It
Jon Zeeman
Blue Room
Eliza Neals
10,000 Feet Below
Lazy Eye
Pocket The Black
Billy T Band
Tom Craig & The Soul Parch
Get Ready for Me
Lisa Biales
The Beat of my Heart
Landon Spradlin
No More Blue Mondays
Jack Mack and the Heart Attack
Back to the Shack
Randy McAllister
Fistful of Gumption
John Latini
The Blues Just makes me Fell Good
McKee Brothers
Enjoy it While You Can
Eric Sommer
Brooklyn Bolero
Lex Grey
Heal My Soul
Little Mike
How Long
Gonzalo Bergara
Zalo Blues
Smoky Greenwell
South Louisiana Blues
Paul DesLauriers Band
Mike Sponza
Ergo Sum
Mick Kolassa
Taylor Made Blues
Show Your Lover
Tweed Funk
Come Together
Jeff Jensen
The River City Sessions
Balkun Brothers
Balkun Brothers
Berdon Kirksaether
Voodoo Sessions
Randy McAllister
Gristle to Gold
Wendy DeWitt
The Story of Ike Dupree
Dave Weld and The Imperial Flames
Slip Into A Dream
Smoky Greenwell's New Orleans Blues Jam
Live at the Old U.S. Mint
Mick Kolassa
Ghosts of the Riverside Hotel
Betty Fox
Slow Burn
Scott Ellison
Elevator Man
Rusty Wright Band
Wonder Man
Lucy Hammond
& Ben Rice

Destination Clarksdale
Toots Lorraine
Make It Easy
Jeff Jensen
Morose Elephant
Blues Lunch
Above the Fold
Sauce Boss
100 Pure
Donald Ray Johnson
These Blues (The Best of)
John Weeks Band
John Weeks Band
Next Level
Sugar Blue/DMC/Sonix
Mississippi Heat
Warning Shot
Berdon Kirksaether
& The Twang Bar Kings

Latenighters Under
a Full Moon
David Michael Miller
Poisons Sipped
Little Mike &
The Tornadoes

All The Right Moves
Tweed Funk
First Name Lucky
Polly O Keary & The Rhythm Method
Patti Parks
Cheat'n Man
Corey Lueck & The Smokewagon Blues Band
I Live In Hamilton
Sheba The Mississippi Queen
Butter On My Roll
Port City Prophets
Brad Wilson
Hands On The Wheel
Jeff Jensen
Road Worn and Ragged
Snarky Dave & The Prickly Bluesmaen
Big Snark
Andy Poxon
Sterling Koch
Let It Slide
Kelly Richey
Sweet Spirit
Hitman Blues Band
Blues Enough
Eric Sardinas
"Sticks & Stones"
No Refund Band
The Bopcats
"25 Years of Rock 'n Roll"
Samantha Fish / Cassie Taylor / Diani Wilde
Girls With Guitars
The Andy Poxon Band
Red Roots
Willie McBlind
Live Long Day
Ana Popovic
Still Making History
Mike Zito
Mike Zito
Pearl River
JT Coldfire
Always and Never
Jason Ricci
& New Blood

Rocket Number 9
Jason Ricci
& New Blood

Done With The Devil
Phantom Blues Band
Out of the Shadows
Phantom Blues Band
Victor Wainwright
Lit Up!
Kirk Fletcher
Shades of Blue
Kirk Fletcher
My Turn
Cedric Burnside &
Lightnin' Malcolm

2 Man Wrecking Crew
Tweed Funk
Bringin' It
The Insomniacs
Left Coast Blues
Los Fabulocos
with Kid Ramos

Los Fabulocos
Pete Anderson
Even Things Up
Ivan Appelrouth
Blues and Instruental!
Hope Waits
Steve Gerard and the National Debonaires
Voodoo Workin
Julius Pittman
and the Revival

Live Tonight
The Strata-Tones
Dressed Up to Fess Up
Mcnight & Bogdal
Zombie Nation
Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans
Dallas Blues
Sauce Boss
Live at the Green Parrot


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